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Checkers Library TV presents The Reading Road Trip: Full STEAM Ahead and Snoozer's Story Time Adventures, bi-weekly television shows aimed at providing entertainment for children and illustrating the benefits of reading in a fun and exciting way. Library patrons can find these episodes here on our website, YouTube channel and on our Facebook page beginning January 24th, 2022 .

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Snoozer’s Storytime Adventures, is a 12 minute video program aimed at providing entertainment for children, while illustrating the benefits of reading in a fun and exciting way. This winter/spring, Mrs. Hamilton reads stories to children while accompanied by Snoozer, a vacuum robot sidekick. They then complete a craft and sing a fun song. Children will enjoy joining in on all the action. Please click the image below to view.

Episode 1: The Bears Save The Baby


SSA- bears save baby title.png

Episode 2: Grit


Episode 2 title card.png

Episode 3: A Spring's Blessing


Spring Blessing Title.png

Episode 4: Favorite Poems For Bedtime


SSA-Poems Before BedtimeTitle copy.png

Episode 5: My Father's Dragon


My Father's Fragon Title.png

Episode 6: Ben The Rich Boy


SSA- Ben the Rich Boy Title.png

Episode 7: Dad: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

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Episode 8: Atom by David Miles

SSA- ATOM title.png

Episode 9: ABC Rise Up and Be by Annemarie Riley Guertin

rise up and be title.png

Episode 10: The Girl and the Cathedral

by Nicholas Jeter

The Girl and  Cathedral Title.png
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This winter/spring season, Checkers and his vacuum robot sidekick Snoozer, head off on a reading road trip where they will explore the vast world of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), and visit a new location each week. The 12-episode series will feature health tips from Dr. Dan, crafts and activities with Mrs. Hamilton, book recommendations, science experiments, and much more. Please click the image below to view.

Episode 1: The Secret of The Dinosaur Egg 1/31/2022

dino Title card.png

You Can Print A Watch?


print a watch title card.png

Episode 3: Fruits and Vegtables


fruits title and text.png

Episode 4: Science Experiments


science title card.png

Episode 5: Fire Safety


sta official title card.png

Episode 6: Music 4/11/2022

musical feeling title card.png

Episode 7: Dad: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Episode 8: Superhero

superhero title card.png

Episode 9: Going To The Doctor

Going to the Doctor title text.png

Episode 10: Where No Snoozer Has Gone Before

Where no snoozer has gone before space title card.png
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Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime as Checkers and Snoozer take a deep dive into oceans of the world, sea creatures, and vessels, all while reviewing thrilling ocean-themed books and traveling to amazing places to learn even more! New episodes will be posted every week through out the summer of 2022 for eight weeks.

Batten Down The Hatches

Ships ahoy! Checkers and Snoozer are traveling to see a real submarine! On this expedition, they’ll be traveling inside of books based on boats and ships and Snoozer will be making a pirate ship craft!

Craft: Pirate Ship

Batten Down the Hatches Title Card - SE03EP01.jpg

Look At That! Stars and Space

Checkers and Snoozer are off to learn about space at a museum! Before they arrive, they’ve got a day packed with exploration inside of space books, star crafts and stop motion adventures!

Craft: Star 

Look At That Title Card.jpg

Shiver Me Timbers

Checkers and Snoozer are traveling to hopefully meet a Sea Monster! Along the way they are making a Loch Ness Monster craft, learning about myths and legends, and checking out some extraordinary books!

Shiver Me TImbers Title Card copy.jpg


To the beach! Join Checkers and Snoozer on a fun trip to the beach where they play sports, explore books about the beach, and make a sunny craft!

Beachin' Title Card.jpg

Creatures of the Sea

In this reading road trip, Checkers and Snoozer travel to two aquariums to meet and learn about ocean animals! But that’s not all!!! They’re also transporting into two ocean animal books and doing an ocean animal craft in Mrs. Hamilton’s tree house!!

Craft: Jelly Fish

Creatures of The Sea Title Card.jpg

Our Home, Our Earth

Checkers the Inventor and Snoozer the robot travel to a river clean up effort to play their part in keeping the Earth clean. Join them on this thrilling adventure as they magically transport into two earth themed books and do an Earth-hat craft!

Our Earth Our Home Title Card.jpg

Out to Sea: Oceans of the Globe

Checkers and Snoozer are going to the Ocean and speaking with a real oceanographer! Along the way, they are going to learn about the different oceans and how important they are!

Out to Sea Title Card.jpg

Which Way To Read?

Join Snoozer on a quest to learn all the different ways to read as checkers and Snoozer travel to a real library! Along the way they are checking out books, doing a bunny bookmark craft, and playing with toys!

Which Way to Read Title Card.jpg
Deep Sea Readers
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