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Library Cards

In order to receive a Library Card you must be able to produce the following:


  1. A Driver's License with your current name and address, a bill, a Lease agreement or some other form of documentation with correct information.

  2. Two working phone numbers which we can use to contact you. One of the numbers may belong to someone else.

  3. An email address if you have one.

If you have these items then come in to the library and ask for a Library Card Request Form. We will then make a copy of your document and give you the form. You will then take the Form home, fill out ALL areas and MAIL it back to the library at:

Adair County Public Library

307 Greensburg St.

Columbia, KY 42728 

  • Once we receive your form it should take no longer than two weeks to process.

  • We will call the phone numbers twice over a two week period of time to make sure they are working. If we leave a message or you see we have called, please return the calls. 

  • Once these calls have been made we will issue your card and it will be delivered via the U.S. Postal Sytem.

  • Your first library card is free. If it is lost there is a $3.00 replacement charge.

  • Your library card will need to be renewed every year. This is a simple matter of the library staff updating your info which can be done either over the phone or while you are here. No documentation needed.

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