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Essay Contest Winner Aaron Yang Shares His Thoughts On How Engaging In Communities Near and Far Can

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

The 2017 summer reading program theme, Build a Better World, incorporates the idea of having everyone contribute to the community in a way to make our world a safer, cleaner, and great place to live and thrive in. By keeping our world clean, we are able to enjoy good company, fresh air, and a safe place for all. This is why I am participating in summer reading programs. Not only do I get to have fun and participate, I also get the opportunity to learn geography and about the state or location each library is located in. Through learning the geography of each library’s location, I can study the area’s population and environment, which can lead to helping that community be a better place.

Through this experience, I am able to learn of the population of each town or city, and can find numerous ways, to help build a better community, through providing more shelters for the homeless, creating more food banks in rural areas of different states, and preventing air pollution, by encouraging people to take the bus or train, instead of driving a car, which can save gas. I would also encourage people to read e-books, use less plastic, reduce the amount of paper use, in order to save out trees, which can not only provide shade, but a physical enjoyment for everyone to enjoy. Using hand dryers, instead of paper towels, is an example of how we can save our environment, from being litter-free and clean. An example includes the population of the residents of Ector County, in Odessa, Texas. Through research, I have noticed that the population there is extremely filled with homeless people and rural areas. My hope in the future, would be to have an opportunity to visit the area and help implement ways, to make the area an enjoyable place to live in and visit.

With these innovative solutions and ideas, we can incorporate these into a proposal for bettering our community and building a world, that is welcome to all and creating memories that are pleasant to everyone. Through proposing to build a better world, we not only think of our own community, but we also open our eyes and mind, to investigate other areas country and worldwide. Building a better world not only consists of a small part of the country, but also includes the entire world. Together with many people and creative ideas, we can formulate a substantial plan, to make our world a great place.

Aaron Yang

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